We have some different options for you to watch our services this Sunday (04/05/2020):



The service will live-stream on the church’s official facebook page at 11:00 AM & 6:30 PM on Sunday. The link to the page is:




Following our church service, we will upload a recording of the service to the church Youtube channel. The link to the channel is:


Please note that the video may not be up on Youtube immediately after the service. It takes a while for a video file that large to upload to the channel.

Also note that Brother Zach will be posting a “mini-series” on the book of Colossians every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to the Youtube channel. The series will begin on Wednesday, March 25th.

We will be providing church updates as well on our church YouTube page.

The following is a video that our pastor recommends us all to watch. It is another Baptist church’s response to the pandemic: