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Rev. Loys Vess, assisted by Rev. and Mrs. Lee Kidd, conducted a three week revival meeting in Bridgeport, TX. During the meeting twenty-seven individuals came forward, some being saved, others rededicated their lives to the Lord. As a result of the revival, those concerned felt it was God's will that a mission be started in Bridgeport and on Friday night, October 22, 1943 nineteen individuals came forward expressing their desire to support a church in Bridgeport.

     The following week, Rev. Kidd rented a downtown building and he and others worked cleaning the building, making seats and preparing for the first service which was held Thursday night, October 28, 1943. The work progressed under the leadership of Rev. Kidd, Rev. Hutson, and a number of preachers from the Bible Baptist Institute in Fort Worth, TX.

     In February 1944, in spite of much opposition, building lots were secured and a new building was started later that year. In December the building was partially completed and the first services were held on Wednesday night, December 29, 1944 in spite of the fact that the church had neither floor or ceiling.

     On October 11, 1945 it was decided that the church would be organized with 26 charter members.

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David Pugh

Pastor David Pugh was raised in a Christian home, and accepted the Lord at the young age of five.  He was called to preach as a young man, and pursued the calling throughout his teen years.  Upon graduation he attended Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He completed his BA in Biblical Studies in 2010.  One week following his graduation, his wife, Evie, and he were married.  For four years he worked at his home church as the associate/youth pastor at First Baptist Church of Cottondale, TX .  In June of 2014 he became the Pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Kaufman, TX, where he pastored until November of 2021.  On November 14, 2021 Bro. David Pugh became the pastor of Bible Baptist Church.  Evie and he have two sons and two daughters, Nate, Andrew, Brooklyn, and Madison.